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Company Formation & Business Setup in Sharjah

Business Setup Services in Sharjah Free Trade Zone:
Being the third largest, as well as third-most populous city in the UAE, Sharjah is one of the country’s major urban regions. It also happens to be the cultural capital of the country and it is located in the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. Owing to such a strategic location, Sharjah presents many varied business opportunities for interested entrepreneurs and businessmen who are looking to gain a foothold in the Middle East, Africa and even Asian markets. Thus, Sharjah forms a perfect place where one can setup a company.

In order for business, both local and international, to flourish in the city, there are several free trade zones in Sharjah where one can setup a business with less costs involved. In fact, Sharjah offers cheaper means to setup a business in the UAE as compared to as other emirate. Some of Sharjah’s free trade zones are-

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

It is popularly known as the SAIF zone and was setup in 1995. This zone is large and is home to about 6000 companies hailing from over 90 countries. It also has a very strategic location and happens to be placed at crossroads between major trade routes that link the east to the west. Besides this, it is located close to the Sharjah International Airport and forms a major hub for cargo.

Hamriyah Free Zone

This free zone was also established in the year 1995 and is often defined as one of the cornerstones of industrial development in Sharjah. This free trade zone offers geographic advantage unmatched by no other in the UAE and offers easy access to major international markets, be it by air, land or sea. It is an investor oriented free zone and offers dynamism and flexibility. The Hamriyah Free Zone is perfect for businesses that fall in the category of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Why opt for free trade zone and Business Setup Services in Sharjah?

The location of your company is definitely the most important things to consider when it comes to the setup of a company. From here, you can sell your business idea and then gather your market base. So, a free zone company in Sharjah can help in a number of ways in this regard as there are several benefits to this proposition.