Company Formation & Business Setup in Fujairah

Fujairah is one of the emirates of the UAE and has its coastline entirely on the Gulf of Oman. While Fujairah is a great place for doing business, however, it does have certain restrictions for expatriates in setting up a business. Thus, it is important that a company established in Fujairah is done so in the emirate’s free trade zone. This allows for full ownership of the company by the owners.

Setting up a company in the Fujairah free zone is also a relatively tedious task, as it requires submission of forms, applications, preparing documents and fees. Whether it is a small startup company or a large one, Fujairah is one emirate where any business establishment does require a lot of help. This is exactly where Savvy Setup can assist in setting up a new business in Fujairah. Our specialists combine the understanding of your business setup and requirements to ensure that they always have the right solution for you.

The Fujairah Creative City is a free trade zone that was setup in the year 2005. This zone is largely meant to serve companies that focus on a creative side to do their business, such as media, design, communications, technology and consulting. The zone is connected to the nearby domestic airport and has the new Sheikh Khalifa Highway that links the city with Dubai.

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With an optimistic Business atmosphere, the Business Setup in Dubai became the most important aspect of Dubai’s booming economy. Setting up your business in Dubai became possible for start ups and young entrepreneurs seeking expansion in Dubai.

Why opt for free trade zone in Fujairah?

The location of your company is definitely the most important things to consider when it comes to the setup of a company. From here, you can sell your business idea and then gather your market base. So, a free zone company in Fujairah can help in a number of ways in this regard as there are several benefits to this proposition.

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