Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is also the country’s largest city.

Besides this, it also forms the capital of the emirate of the Abu Dhabi and is the second-most populous city in the UAE after Dubai. It is also the seat of the UAE government and acts as a center for all major industrial and political activities. Abu Dhabi is the head of all the Emirates. And setting up your business in Abu Dhabi is a must.

What’s better than setting your business in the Capital of one of the most developed economies in the Middle East?

Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi by expatriates can be pretty expensive, considering that the city falls in the expensive bracket. However, owing to the fact that there are several free trade zones in Abu Dhabi, setting up a company has becomes very easy and hassle-free. The UAE, in general, is an attraction for foreign and domestic investments.

Its location allows it to thrive and attract opportunity from the eastern region of the globe as well the western parts of the world. The economic development allowed the trade giant to resurrect becoming a key player in the business environment in the entire Gulf peninsula. The government has established numerous free trade zones for company setup in Abu Dhabi. As a result, many entrepreneurs and upcoming businesses think of it as a great location to setup a new company. Also, there is a waiver of taxes, besides also being very secure and confidential. There are many free zones in Abu Dhabi and some of them are.

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With an optimistic Business atmosphere, the Business Setup in Dubai became the most important aspect of Dubai’s booming economy. Setting up your business in Dubai became possible for start ups and young entrepreneurs seeking expansion in Dubai.

Savvy Setup can help in the company setup process in Dubai under several free trade zones. Free Zones that allow your start up to flourish under the Tax Exemption policy. Some of the most notable ones in this respect are:

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone:

This zone is owned by the Abu Dhabi Airports Company and its objective is to establish large-scale economic development of the UAE. The zone has a strategic location and therefore, serves as a gateway to markets in the east and the west.

Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD):

KIZAD is the abbreviation of Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi and was founded in the year 2010. It is a very prominent business zone considering that it is centrally located between the east and the west. This offers immense potential to tap into several key markets in the nearby countries as well as foreign ones. The location is a prime factor as it can help businesses access more than 2 billion customers across Africa, Europe, Russia, India and the Far East.

KIZAD offers great infrastructure, logistics and transportation facilities at a low-cost setting, which are key pillars for a thriving business setup. Businesses can also sign long-term land leasing agreements that permit investors to own all assets that are developed in the land under KIZAD zone. Therefore, it is easy to set up a company and further pursue the business goals.

Masdar City:

This is an upcoming city that is being developed close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The city is designed to be a hub for cleantech companies and businesses. In fact, it is to be one of the finest cities that will use renewable power for its operations.

Alongside, it will be the headquarters for the International Renewable Energy Agency and also a free zone for innovative tech companies.


This zone is named after the geographical coordinates of Abu Dhabi. It has been setup for the development of media and entertainment content. Its goal is to have media companies on board for the creation of content across all media platforms – film, digital media, broadcast, music, games, events and more.


DED stands for Department of Economic Development and it is the body responsible for the framing of economic and commercial policies of Abu Dhabi. It provides commercial licenses, registers trade names and also promotes in a way as to develop private sector businesses.

The DED is significant as it is responsible for company startup and operationalisation procedures.

Why opt for free trade zone and Business Setup in Abu Dhabi?

The location of your company is definitely the most important things to consider when it comes to the setup of a company. From here, you can sell your business idea and then gather your market base.

So, a free zone company in Abu Dhabi can help in a number of ways in this regard as there are several benefits to this proposition.

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