Savvy Setup

Business Setup Service in Dubai and UAE

Savvy Setup carves a niche in Dubai & UAE with services that are modelled to save client’s time and effort when it comes to setting up your business anywhere in Dubai or UAE. Savvy Setup does Business Setup and Company Formation services in Dubai and across all the Seven Emirates of UAE. Savvy Setup has been in business since more than half a decade based at our registered offices at Business Bay, Dubai.

We can define our services in such a way that we do business setup according to the client’s requirements and based on their business model whether it can be a professional, commercial or industrial license, and also based on the frameworks as mandated by the authority the business is going to be registered; and this comes coupled with our excellent know-how and knowledgeable experience base we provide swift and most professional Business Setup and Company Formation Services in Dubai and all of the Emirates.

Covering over 300 kms from North to South of the UAE we are covering a very broad market when it comes to choosing the right Emirate Economic Department or various Freezone available in each Emirate. We continuously keep updating ourselves with the latest regulations and use our knowledge and information to choose the best entity for our clients to register them at and also keep updating the possible requirements laid down by the authorities by regularly sharing the information with our clients in order to take care of our clients even post license.

We educate our clients on various matters other than the regulations regarding the company setup and also advise them how to go about their businesses. We provide Serviced Offices and Virtual Business Center contracts at our own business center as per the client’s requirements. We assist in post license requirements like issuing company files at Federal Immigration and Ministry of Labour, providing visas for investors and their employees and also their dependents and families. We assist in providing knowledge on the WPS system for employees of the company to our clients including registering them with the WPS system.

We have an in-house accounting and bookkeeping team that assists in yearly accounting and bookkeeping services regarding VAT. We also assist in providing our clients with connections with reputable real estate companies to find the right residence in the UAE or stand alone offices.

As one of the leading business set up companies in Dubai and UAE today, we are familiar with the different stages that you will go through for Company Incorporation. And so, we offer a comprehensive business setup and company formation services that are designed as packages in order to help investors, SMEs and entrepreneurs establish operations anywhere in the Dubai and UAE quickly, professionally, efficiently, and without any hurdles.

Savvy Setup offers a range of top-notch services with respect to your business Setup in the Emirates. Is Proud to offer a range of comprehensive services that facilitate formation process of your company.
Keeping track of your financial records and maintaining the highest standards is a guaranteed service from Savvy Accountants. Your Financial frameworks are painstakingly prepared as to its accuracy and precision putting your business a step forward for today and the future.
From cost-effective packages up to high-end and luxurious offices, Savvy Setup/Zone ensures to meet your requirements. Our ready Serviced and Virtual offices are all designed for your business needs, goals, and most of all, for your SUCCESS.
Tax Services
Running a business in the UAE is now challenging for Investors more because of Taxation. Savvy acknowledges your need to focus on what matters most and so, our in-house Tax experts are dedicated to keeping your company tax compliant. Consider your VAT Registration, your returns submission and reclaim of taxes are done timely and accurately.
Trademark and Brand Registration
Without a doubt, Branding is essential to all business types here and there. Maybe it be a Local or International registration, your Intellectual property has to be protected and secured at all times, and Savvy will help you make that happen. The process is long, the cost is high but certainly, for business, it is worthy.
Complete management of business is undoubted to be time and energy consuming for you. Employee Visa processing, Government approvals, renewals, amendments and any small external works are all present in businesses. Let Savvy take the hassle from your shoulder and put yourself in developing abundance in your business.

We work with almost all government agencies